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SMB-02 Headphones


SMB-02 Headphones
SMB-02 Headphones SMB-02 Headphones SMB-02 Headphones SMB-02 Headphones SMB-02 Headphones SMB-02 Headphones SMB-02 Headphones SMB-02 Headphones


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PHONON was born out of the mission to “convey to people the most accurate information that it’s creator imagined through music.”   "I made the SMB-02 with this purpose, to eliminate this essential problem, to correct the difference between monitoring speakers and monitoring headphones." 
Isao Kumano, Phonon CEO 

The SMB-02 uses exclusive Phonon tuning theory to deliver high accuracy monitoring. These headphones offer excellent space definition and stunning low volume playback for headphone mixing, making it perfect for studio monitoring use (for professionals) and excelling at simple audio listening for the discerning consumer. Experience unparalleled sound quality regardless of the output source; from your phone to the most sophisticated sound system.

Features thick but lightweight ear-pads that remain comfortable even after long hours of use.

Exceptional Value awarded Review by Tone Audio 

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The Phonon 4400 are the mobile, more portable version of the SMB-02. These have a slight emphasis on the bass frequencies perfect for DJ booth mixing and also for streaming music. They have shorter chord and fold into themselves.


Type Air-tight fully enclosed dynamic headphone.
Driver Φ40mm
Output sound level 100dB/mW
Playback frequency range 20 - 20,000Hz
Maximum input 1,300mW
Impedance 40Ω
Weight (including cable and plug) 300g
Plug Φ6.3 / Φ3.5mm gold-plated screw-type stereo 2 ways plug
Connection cable length (material) 3m (4 wires-type L/R independent ground wire connection)


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