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Our thorough and meticulous sound quality―finally perfected.

More than ten years in the making, our hand-crafted, made-in-Japan speaker unit with top sound quality is finally here! We are very excited to announce the MUSICLIFE ML-1, which reproduces in speaker form the spectacular, highly praised sound of our flagship headphones the SMB-02. 

The MUSICLIFE ML-1, a stylish and high-grade compact sound system that gives new life to sound. Easy to operate and simple to install. Equipped with balanced input for professional use and versatile Bluetooth capability, The MUSICLIFE ML-1 is: 

A full-range speaker unit with absolutely no crossover distortion.

An extremely high-resolution professional monitoring speaker.

A convenient Bluetooth speaker for music lovers.

 “The product we always wanted”

Following repeated trial listening sessions to select the right combination of parts and materials, and using our own braided wires for internal wiring, MUSICLIFE offers supreme sound quality and serves up the pleasure of music beyond any level!

 The full-range speakers (3-inch) use paper cone and neodymium magnet to transmit natural sound quality in high resolution. The shaved wood horn mechanism realizes a natural spreading of the sound. The amplifier delivers our commitment to high-quality sound with an original BTL (balanced transformer-less) schematic, frame-ground processing, and more.   

 Equipped with professional studio standard XLR balanced input (+4 dB) and consumer audio equipment standard LINE input (-10 dB), with an SW gain switch that enables level matching between connected devices (XLR / LINE combo jack). Also features the convenience of Bluetooth, with SBC and high sound-quality AAC as well as aptX correspondence.

 Available in two colors: the beautiful mirror-finished “Woody Black Mirror” (WB); and “Sunburst” (SB), which tickles the heart of music lovers. 

 Comments from sound professionals who listened to our prototype:

Dave Robertson (Cameo Culture Music, Dangly Studios, Brooklyn, NYC): PHONON’s MUSICLIFE is the perfect reference tool in the studio when you want to shift from the NS 10 or the main reference monitor. It has the same shape as the boom box, but the fidelity of the sound is amazingly good. And the added Bluetooth function is very useful, no more cables!

Retail price: 2,222 Euros

ML-1 Specifications


3-inch Speaker Unit (full range, neodymium magnet)

Enclosure type: Bass-Reflex

Frequency range: 50Hz-20KHz


Output type: BTL

Practical maximum output: 13.5W × 2


Transmission type: Bluetooth standard Version 4.2

Output: Bluetooth standard power Class 2

Distance: 10m

Frequency band: 2.4 GHz band

Modulation type: FHSS

Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, SPP, HFP / HSP.iAP

Codec: SBC, AAC, aptX

Transmission bandwidth: (A2DP) 20 Hz - 20000 Hz (at 44.1 KHz sampling)


Input: XLR, 1/4" phone jack dual-use receptacle connector

Unbalanced input with SW gain switch

Power supply

AC power supply: 100V-240V 15V DC


Maximum external dimensions (width x height x depth): 425mm x 195mm x 183mm

Weight: 4.5kg

Accessories: AC adapter, AC cable


Dear phonon international fans and friends,

Fresh off a successful crowdfunding campaign in Japan this summer and excited by the great interest and demand from Japan’s top audio specialist shops, we are very proud to announce a special limited pre-order offer for our brand new original product: the 1 speaker unit “hi-end studio ghetto blaster” MUSICLIFE ML-1 model.

Pre-order your MUSICLIFE ML-1 before October 31st with an upfront payment of 50% and receive your MUSICLIFE model in February 2019 (after the remaining payment is made just before shipping).

Phonon is also offering a 10% discount off retail price (for a total of 2000 Euros with VAT) and a free pair of our 4000-SL headphones for the 1st 5 pre-orders.

This is the only chance to get the MUSICLIFE ML-1 outside Japan before summer 2019, so don’t miss out!

Your music life will reignite the moment you turn on the MUSICLIFE!

Happy Halloween from the phonon team

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