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Phonon 4000 Review on Magnetic Magazine

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These headphones are by far the cleanest, clearest sounding on-ear headphones I have ever heard. I performed an a, b, & c test with my other two pairs (Pioneer’s HDJ-2000 mk2s, and Audio-Technica's m50xs), using them both for mixing down a track, and for mixing records. Not only did they sound clearer than both, but the soundstage was also incomparable. It was night and day difference. I even had my mom listen to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and even she was blown away. Seeing as the 4000s were created with DJs in mind, the tuning has been altered just slightly from the studio sibling, with a slight boost in the low-mids. Boosting low-mids as opposed to the actual lows is ideal in that the bass won’t be drowned out by booth monitors.

Kane Micheal, Magnetic Mag
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