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DJ-Lab test of the SMB-02

this article is translated, please read full German text here DJ-LAB

The headphones sound really good: The bass is full and goes deep, but is not overemphasized. Mids and highs are present in a musical way, so more pleasant to hear than analytical. The stereo image adapts to this impression: it is clearly there, but - like most headphones - does not create any real spatiality with a tangible phantom center.

Since a review without the mandatory specifications is not a complete review, here are a few of the most important key data of the SMB-02: The closed headphones come with a 40mm driver and a sound pressure of 100 dB. The frequency range is 20 to 20,000 Hz and the impedance is 40 ohms. The stated weight of 300 grams (including cable and plug) seems to me a little too high, because the SMB-02 (feels like) nothing.

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