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Bonedo 4400 Test

With their first two headphones, the small Japanese manufacturer Phonon from Kawasaki near Tokyo has also attracted attention in Europe. The SMB-02 is a high quality studio headphone with very good bass resolution and neutral transparency. The Phonon 4000 is a very compact and extremely foldable DJ headphone. With the 4400, the Japanese are now presenting an update that is to combine the sound characteristics of their studio headphones with the form factor of the DJ headphones.



DJ Lab review

For our dear German friends, here is a great review (in german) of our “Studiokopfhorer” SMB-02 on the German online electronic music magazine DJ LAB. Danke Schone! Es gibt ja immer wieder Equipment, das auf den ersten Blick für einen Wow-Effekt...


Mathias Schober


Mathias Schober

 The decay of my bass drum, tails of my reverb, depth and width of my delays all in an affordable package. The Soundstage felt almost like a speaker setup in a well treated room - surprisingly accurate for closed back headphones. 



MUSICLIFE is the product I always wanted to have. Portable and convenient with the high-quality resolution of a big speaker system.
A one-unit stereo speaker packed with the complete PHONON sound. It’s my sonic bonsai!”
Isao Kumano


Inside Phonon, the Vinyl Factory Interview

Inside phonon, the boutique Japanese headphone workshop (excerpts)
by Anton Spice, Vinyl Factory

"Isao Kumano: Originally, I had been running my own music studio, maintaining and re-modelling it myself as well as making all the equipment I needed. phonon’s products are an extension of this, and of what we’ve been doing for years in the studio."

More on the SMB-02 or check out the new 4400



Welcome to Phonon's official International Online Store

Today we launch the official e-commerce store for Phonon-inc for the US market.

Through we aim to bring Phonon's high-end quality audio equipment to the US audio professional consumer and audio enthusiast.

Since Phonon is a Japanese company, we've created this separate site that caters specifically to the US market. This is the only official Phonon store online in the US, where you are receiving the products direct from Phonon with all the included warranty and customer satisfaction guarantees.

As we continue to evolve and add new products, please reach out to us with any comments/questions in order to help us continue improving and providing the best quality audio products possible.

We are opening the store with what we think are a revolutionary pair of headphones. The SMB-02 are unequivocally one of the best sounding headphones today. Quite simply, the sound is just so pure - like it was meant to be. This is achieved thanks to the amazing tuning capability of Isao Kumano who set out to create the most authentic listening experience.

Isao (Phonon's CEO and Lead Engineer - also one half of Tokyo Black Star) is an incredible talented and highly respected sound engineer in Japan. Since the early 90s he's been working and tuning an amazing variety of analog equipment with his unique and eclectic style. His achievements range from making sound systems for clubs/underground house/techno parties to recording, producing music (anything from underground dance music to Japanese pop), to running his own mastering studio. Today, lots of studios in Japan have adopted his style and appreciate the quality and purity of sound that Phonon products produce.

The SMB-02 Headphone proposition is quite simple; if you want a pair of headphones that are fashionable and trendy, there are many options for you. Or if you are looking for noise canceling for your plane travels, also plenty of these out there. Or whatever other hundreds of crazy features that are available nowadays in headphones - there are tons of options for you out there. HOWEVER - IF YOU WANT THE ABSOLUTE BEST, clearest and unpolluted sound - at a consumer price - our SMB-02's are right for you. Pro audio at consumer pricing.

We don't compromise sound quality with anything. No noise canceling, no crazy features. Just plain, understated design, with full focus on comfort and the best quality sound you can buy south of $1,000.

But don't take our word for it; see the professional reviews (linked from the homepage), or try them on yourself! take advantage of our 15 day return policy. If you don't like them - send them back.We felt it is very important for you to experience the incredible sound yourself. That's why we created this policy so that you have no risk in purchasing your own pair of SMB-02.

Let us know what you think once you try them ( You might even want to do our Sound Challenge - more about that soon.

For now, we trust you will reach out with any questions and feel confident enough with what you see to try these headphones out. we are confident you won't regret it.


Thank you for your support.


Check out the specs her SMB-02 

The Story behind the Phonon SMB-02, by Isao Kumano, CEO & Master Engine 


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