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The perfect multifunctional headphone

The DJ / music designer Alex from Tokyo on the new SMB-03 model: “ This nicely designed studio model is the perfect multifunctional headphone, with a great intimate sound reproduction (less detailed than the SMB-02), lightweight and comfortable for long-time use, with rotating earcups, a detachable curl chord suited for elevated home , on-the-go listening, production as well for DJing."


I couldn't help myself

The Belgian multi-talented musician composer/producer Reinhard Vanbergen compares our 3 headphones for the studio:

“I couldn't help myself and bought all 3 PHONON headphones. I run the whole studio on them now. They are all very different and complement each other, while maintaining the same quality and volume. I gave them nicknames: the Workhorse (SMB-03), the Surgeon (SMB-02), and the King (SMB-01L). The last one is like a full surround cinema on your head and sounds so very impressive that it is addictive. Been mixing on all of them and it just turns out very well so far. So easy to check low end, stereo field, and harshness and also just so nice to listen to music in general”.

 Reinhard Vanbergen


Best of EAR IN 2021

The PHONON SMB-01L and the ML-2 have both been featured in Germanys EAR IN magazine Best of edition.  Following is a translation. 

Of the many devices that we present to you at EAR IN, some devices always “stick” in our minds. We will introduce such products here and present them to you once again in the form of our “Best of EAR IN” award.

It’s amazing what happens in terms of headphones, headphone amplifiers, DACs and accessories within a year. Since last year, true-wireless in-ears have clearly been the focus of the industry and it’s exciting to see all the technology and features manufacturers are packing into the tiny housings. On the other hand, manufacturers are pushing the sonic performance of headphones to ever higher levels.


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